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Maine, USA

The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA) is a public municipal corporation established by the Maine State Legislature to

Paradise Park, Ajax Ontario, Canada. First phase of project to include re-alignment of Lakeview boulevard and retrofit of existing park. It includes a new playground area, gazebo, seating areas, walkways, and solar street lighting installed my Clear Blue Technologies using their Illumient Product. Second phase is set to build in spring of 2019

  • Implement the Reuse Master Plans for NASB and Topsham Annex
  • Manage the transition of base properties from military to civilian uses
  • Redevelop former base properties to create new high quality jobs
  • Actively engage the private sector in the redevelopment effort

In 2014 MRRA installed a Illumient solar light in the parking lot, which has performed very well in Maine’s tough winter climate.