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Installation Details:

Lily Lake, Rockwood Park

New Brunswick, Canada

Rockwood Park in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, is the hub of outdoor activities year round, and is enjoyed by many for its freshwater lakes for fishing, swimming, boating and skating. It has over 55 trails and footpaths, including Lily Lake trail. Since there was no lighting along Lily Lake trail, use of it becomes more limited during the winter months. Using traditional grid-connected electric power would have introduced significant problems as putting in underground cables would have caused major disruption to the area, while running wires through the trees would have greatly disturbed the natural setting.

In order to make the trail usable for many more hours and extend its use throughout the year, 26 Illumient solar powered lights were installed along the 1.38 km length of the Lily Lake Trail. 10 of the lights have inverters, which allow the solar power to provide auxiliary lighting for loads like Christmas lights.