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Installation Details:

Algonac Waterfront


Installation of 20 Illumient solar-powered lighting systems along the bank of the St. Clair River in Algonac, Michigan has been completed. Clear Blue will also monitor and manage the new lights remotely using its Illumience cloud software. The new lights represent an early stage of the City’s plans to refurbish the boardwalk.

The project cost was lower than if they had used grid-connected lights, there are no ongoing utility charges, and the lights are a visible image of the community’s commitment to sustainability. This is a good example of why the global solar street lighting market will reach $23 billion CAD in the next 5 years. 23% of that annual spending will be on projects in the Americas, similar to what Algonac has done. The fundamental economic savings of lower up-front capital costs and lower operating expenses are driving municipalities everywhere to adopt off-grid lighting.