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Many municipalities and organizations come to Direct Lighting Solutions after having purchased solar lighting that doesn’t perform as needed. Often this is a result of poor or no ongoing battery and lighting management, having been under-specified by the vendor or cheap product imports.

Unlike other suppliers who offer one-size-fits-all lighting, Direct Lighting Solutions will work with you to create lighting systems that meet your exact configurations. Even more importantly, we will ensure it will work in your location.

In any location, changes in weather over the course of the year must be taken into account in terms of lighting profiles and battery management. Without Smart Off-Grid and its historical data capture, this is impossible to do. With Direct Lighting Solutions, battery and lighting maintenance are done remotely and regularly to ensure long product life.

Direct Lighting Solutions has the experience and insight to know what will work, and our Illumience cloud software ensures that you to have real time information about how your systems are performing and the ability to proactively make changes remotely at any time to ensure peak performance. This is critically important to ensuring long battery life, lighting performance and reliability and low maintenance costs.

Customized Lighting with Direct Lighting Solution’s Pole and Power Pack

Direct Lighting Solution’s Pole & Power pack allows customers to select the lighting product of their choice and match it with a pole and power package. With thousands of LED light fixtures to choose from, select an Direct Lighting Solution’s Pole and Power package with your preferred light fixture and supplier. Direct Lighting Solution’s Power and Pole systems are also perfect for powering and monitoring environmental controls, traffic systems and other devices.

Direct Lighting Solutions provides stock and custom solutions for regional, national and international applications, using local manufacturers of poles and arms for on and off-grid applications. 

For more information about tailoring Direct Lighting Solution’s components for your needs, please contact us.

Other Applications

In addition to lighting and security, numerous other applications are well-suited for On and Off-Grid Pole and Power packages:

  • Industrial monitoring and measurement systems, such as oil and gas, sewage and water treatment, agriculture and other applications 
  • Traffic monitoring systems –  Direct Lighting Solution’s  Pole and Power Off Grid package can reduce costs by an order of magnitude and eliminate months of building permits and construction planning.
  • Weather monitoring systems 

The key requirements for these types of applications are for high reliability and maintainability. Direct Lighting Solutions offers the optional benefit of this through real time monitoring and remote control that ensures that each Pole and Power system delivers a highly reliable system for mission critical applications.

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