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Direct Lighting Solutions specializes in {lower}, helping you light the smart way.

With over twenty-years of {lower} experience we have all your needs covered. With ever-evolving technology and changing times, we bring the most efficient and eco-friendly lighting to our customers.


In addition to using on-grid electricity we offer battery powered, solar or solar wind hybrid off-grid solutions.

With {lower} experience in your region, nationally and internationally, it does not matter where you are, we will meet your needs.

We offer advertising light poles, so businesses and municipalities are able to use their light poles for more than just streetlights. Utilizing advertising dollars many communities are funding their streetlights by offering local vendors the opportunity to advertise on these highly visible structures. It is also a great way to promote public community events and messaging.

Added specialties include smart lighting and security. If you want multi-functional uses such as flexible LED Light arms, Wi-Fi antennae, environmental sensors and emergency announcement systems, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, telecom and wireless networking equipment, electrical vehicle charging, power bank, backup battery bank, UV resistance, digital banners, and many other state-of-the-art features then we are your go to supplier. To support these different applications, we offer different lighting configurations, pole heights and types, options in both decorative and commercial styles.

Unlike suppliers who offer one-size-fits-all lighting, we make sure you have the right light for the right location. Changes in weather over the course of the year, lighting profiles, performance requirements, reliability and low maintenance costs are all essential aspects of choosing the right lighting solution for your application.

Our aluminum, concrete, steel, fiberglass, and other types of light poles that can be used for all types of applications, such as: municipal streetlights, pathway and park lighting, road lighting, parking lot lighting, corporate and university campus lighting, and high quality residential lighting.

You can choose from a large number of materials, colors and finishes to complement business, district, or commercial branding.

With electrical engineers and solar experts on staff, there is no shortage of knowledge and expertise. Our custom {lower} work is an ideal solution for those seeking a specific approach.

Our {lower} customer service representatives are happy to field any questions you have. We look forward to providing the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Contact us for your {lower} consultation now!


In addition to {lower} we offer a multitude of on-grid electricity, battery powered, solar or solar wind hybrid off-grid solutions.

In addition to {lower} we offer advertising light poles that help businesses and municipalities utilize their light poles for more than just streetlights. These are great ways to raise funding and promote events and messaging.

Check out the {lower} recent projects for our lighting options.

Check out the {lower} in our videos for more details.

With experience with {lower} in your region, nationally and internationally, we are able to meet your needs in any geographic location.

We have a client first mentality in all our projects. From {lower} ordering, to shipping, to installation, to follow-up customer support you are direct to the source with Direct Lighting Solutions.

Many {lower} companies are a one size fits all, we provide custom solutions with the ability to install multi-functional uses and added specialties such as smart lighting and security.

To support {lower} different applications and options we offer different lighting configurations in both decorative and commercial styles.

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